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Psychodynamic treatment for children, adolescents and adults in Vancouver B.C.


Welcome to Dunbar Psychological Services

Dunbar Psychological Services (DPS) is a psychology practice, meeting the needs of the Vancouver Lower Mainland. DPS provides treatment and assessment for children, adolescents and adults. People seek the services of DPS for a variety of mental health issues and concerns. While the majority of referrals to DPS come through a family physician or mental health professional, individuals can self-refer. New referrals are always welcome.

Family peace is achievable.

This is not to say that it comes easily, or without paying attention to periods of turbulence. The daily grind of working, parenting, and maintaining relationships, can require external support, and professional wisdom. The fast-paced nature of our world can be too fast at times. Technology has taken over, which promotes efficiency, but at what cost? Efficiency promotes speed of living, and expectations to respond quickly, to most everything.

More pressing concerns are fueled by our own children’s stressors….whether friendship troubles, worries about grades, separation and divorce, health care issues…all of these stressors have varying degrees of severity. All require attention, as our children communicate their distress through challenging behaviours and emotions.

  • Soccer practice went late, dinner is now at 8 o’clock, and homework still has to be conquered…, and you are feeling overwhelmed…

  • Your daughter is being bullied, and you are not sure what to do….

  • Your son is lagging behind academically, and you aren’t sure why…

  • Your daughter wants an extended curfew, and you fear the worst…

  • Your son won’t complete his college applications on his own…why can’t he do this? Where should he go?

  • Your kids are glued to their IPads, IPods, and Xboxes…how do you get them off?

  • Your spouse is sick…how will your kids cope? How will you cope?

  • You are now a single parent…help..

Adaptability, Adjustment and Resiliency

Whether you are a parent, individual, child or youth, life is easier to navigate when we can be adaptable, and tolerate change. Life is unpredictable and can catch us off guard. We are better equipped to face the world when we are capable of easily adjusting to life’s challenges. We become stronger and resilient- the challenges don’t seem so challenging once we have insight into how to evoke change, and how we can respond differently to our environment.

Dunbar Psychological Services assesses and treats children, youth and women for a variety of presenting symptoms inclusive of anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, disordered eating, in addition to behavioural and adjustment disorders.

Drs. Piper, Perel-Panar, and Schmidt work collaboratively at BC Children's Hospital promoting a wide range of extensive training and experience within a pediatric health care facility, inclusive of inpatient and outpatient services. Cross appointments between the hospital, and the University of British Columbia, ensure comprehensive assessments and treatment, driven by current research and best practice.

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Dunbar Psychology is:

Dr. Emily Piper 
Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Children's and Women's Health Centre

Dr. Sarah Schmidt
Department of Psychology, Children's and Women's Health Centre